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Buy a professional mailbox

Use this page to request the purchase and set up of a new professional mailbox for your business.


These are paid email addresses which are connected to your domain, as opposed to free services. They are more professional for businesses and make you look more trustworthy.

They look something like: - for example,, as opposed to

You will be able to access your new email address on any device like your phone, tablet, laptop, both in mail clients like Apple Mail or Outlook, or just via the web.

For more information and prices, please visit this page.

Purchase a mailbox

Choose the number of mailboxes you would like

A mailbox is an individual inbox with a login.

Usually each member of staff would have their own mailbox.

A business with just 1 employee usually only needs 1 mailbox.

Each mailbox is £6.80 a month.

Choose Google or Microsoft

We are partners with both Google & Microsoft so you can choose which service you prefer. Usually this depends on what other services you use. For example, do you use Google Drive or Docs, or Microsoft Teams or OneDrive? 

We normally recommend Google for small businesses.

To see which one is best for you - Google VS Microsoft, see this page.

Choose your favourite provider

Choose your username/s

Enter the username/s you would like for your mailbox/es. 

For example: kat@, hello@, info@.

Press Submit and we'll get back to you with your new login details.

If you haven't already set up a direct debit with us, please do so here:

This is so we can take the money every both for your mailbox/s.

Thanks! We'll get back to you with your login details.

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