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Choosing your SEO keywords

Choosing the right keywords is the very first step with SEO.

A keyword (also known as a keyword phrase) is the words you think your customers will type into Google to find a business like you.

You can have more than one keyword/phrase.

For example, our main keyword phrase is "Web Design St Neots."

This is because we want to show up when someone types that in.

This is important because we will optimise your whole website with your keyword phrase in order to give you the best chance of showing up in Google.

Choose something specific

Start by thinking about your services.

If you're a plumber, you may just go for "plumber."

But is that what your customer will search for? Or would they be more likely to search for "heating specialist"?

Don't forget the more niche you are, the less competitors you will have competing for your Google space.

Include an area

By trying to show up for "heating specialist" you'll be competing with big national companies. Putting it bluntly, you won't have a chance.

Even if you do turn up in the results, what are the chances the person finding you will actually be your customer?

By including an area in your keyword phrase, such as "heating specialist Cambridgeshire", you're minimising the competition and hitting your specific customers.

An example

As an example, I’m a web designer, however if I used the search term ‘web design’ I would be competing with huge companies listing for this phrase on Google, such as people like GoDaddy, Squarespace Wikipedia, Wix and more. So instead, I’ve decided to compete more locally in my hometown. Because there is much less competition, after a few years of hard work I started listing number 1 for “Web Design St Neots” and now get around 50% of my work through Google which is really high.

How many keywords/phrases?

We suggest picking ONE solid keyword phrase, like "web design St Neots." Then, adding on 2-3 other phrases you think would also work for you.

It's not set in stone

Although I highly recommending giving this some serious thought, it's not the end of the world if you change your mind later. We would just tweak your SEO to target your new keywords.

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