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Professional Email Addresses & prices

This page talks about professional email addresses/mailboxes.

This means an email address which is

We are both Microsoft and Google re-sellers, so you can choose which service you prefer.



What are professional email addresses?

They are paid email addresses which are connected to your domain, as opposed to free services. They are more professional for businesses and make you look more trustworthy.

They look something like: - for example, mine is, as opposed to something free but less professional like



Mailboxes with us are £6.80 per mailbox per month. The same price as going direct to Microsoft or Google.


Microsoft or Google?

We are resellers of both Google & Microsoft email addresses. They both come with different benefits and are suited to different businesses.

Use the chart below to decide which is best for you.


Why get an email address through us?

  • They will be with Microsoft or Google, both world leaders in reliable email hosting

  • They come with OneDrive or Google Drive space included

  • They are secure, with multi-factor authentification

  • They come with Shaun on technical support, all year round

  • They are easy to set up with your username and password, and with Shaun to help if you need

  • It's a low monthly cost, no hidden costs

  • They can be used on all your devices - computer, phone, tablet & more

  • They can be run separately to a website, or as a package

  • You can have multiple user accounts

  • They come with free aliases (have different usernames which all forward to you, making you look bigger)

  • And last but not least - they are the SAME PRICE or CHEAPER as going direct to Google or Microsoft (as we are a re-seller).



Q: How do I access my inbox?

It's the same process as having a free Gmail or Outlook account. You can use any email programme on any device. Personally, I use Apple Mail on my iPhone and Gmail on the web for my laptop. You will receive full instructions for setting them up on any device.

Q: Can I go direct to Google/Microsoft instead of coming through you?

Coming to us is the same price as going direct. We charge normal retail price. This is because we're resellers/Partners to both Microsoft and Google. So there is no benefit to you setting them up yourself and no cost saving.

Coming to us, for the same price as managing them yourself, you get a full time account manager in Shaun, tech-support for things like resetting your password, and you can rest assured all billing and technical things are taken care of for you.

Q: Do I need to own the domain name I want my emails connected to?

Yes. For example, if I wanted to set up, I first need to own the domain name/URL If you want to connect an email address to a domain you don't own, ask us to check if it's available and purchase it for you.

Q: Do the mailboxes renew monthly or yearly?

All mailboxes renew on a monthly basis, meaning you can cancel with 1 month's notice.

Q: How can I reset my email password?

If you forget your password you can reset it by following these instructions or by asking us to do it for you.


Ready to set up your mailbox?

Simply let us know how many mailboxes you would like and what you'd like your username/s to be, eg hello@, info@, yourname@.

You can start with 1 mailbox and add more anytime.

The cost will be taken monthly by direct debit.

You can start using your new email address instantly.

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