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Newsletter March 2023. News from your favourite web team ✨

Hello everyone! Here is another exciting and helpful newsletter from us, Kat & Shaun at Online Designs. You'll find this newsletter stuffed full of website tips & ideas, plus all of our exciting news from Online Designs HQ.

To anyone receiving this for the first time, welcome! You are getting this because you're signed up to a Web Management Plan with us. To everyone else, sorry, it's us again...



We've been super busy managing all of your lovely websites as well as working on some new projects and welcoming them on board as ongoing clients.

We've also had a productive couple of months working on overhauling our organisation and how we keep track of everything. We hope you've always understood our services and what you get, but things should be even clearer from now on!

Here's a recent picture of us in case you've forgotten who we are...


Shaun smashed the Cambridge Half Marathon ✨

He may have totally forgotten he had an Online Designs branded technical top (grr), but he still did an amazing job of running the Half Marathon in 1 hour 56 minutes. And all that after a late night in London the night before. Well done 👏


Thankyou SO MUCH for our lovely reviews ❤️

A while ago we emailed you all asking for TrustPilot reviews. You need a certain amount to reach 5 stars. We were completely overwhelmed at the amount of you that came forwards and your kind words. It's proven yet again why we love this job.

If you haven't had a chance to review us yet, it helps us so much and we're still only at 4.7 stars!


New Web Management Plan upgrades available at your renewal ✨

These are just some of the things included

If your plan has renewed lately, you've already seen this.

If your annual renewal is still coming up, get ready to be given the choice of TWO whole new web management plans.

The 2 new plans include

  • More SEO benefits

  • Google business management & posts

  • Analytics reports

  • Blogging, which we'll write and manage for you!

  • Faster responses on design changes

  • & more!

We are a small business working with other small businesses, many of whom are on tight budgets. This is why the new Web Management Plan Pro is only £10/month more than our basic plan. But best of all, the basic plan is still available with no price increase and it's still an amazing plan that keeps your website safe, managed, and you can email us anytime with content changes.

While we can't promise it will remain at £20/month forever (like everyone else, we're influenced by 3rd party costs), the price is here to stay for at least your 2023 renewal :)

You can chill out until you get a renewal email!


Has your website been the same for a while now?

If your website is more than 3 years old, it's time for a refresh.

Trends change all the time. Let us know if you're ready for a shake up.


Spring is on the way...

You're all small business owners or employees so you know how isolating Winter can be, when everyone locks themselves in their homes and you can go days without seeing anyone. Spring always feels like it brings positive change!


Are you using the Help Hub?

One of the keys to a having good website is you understanding what you can do to help it. We've spent hours and hours (and hours) writing helpful articles, on anything from "How do I get my website to climb in Google", to "What is a domain name?!" Anything and everything you want to know is there. And if it's not, let us know!


Did you like your January Audits? ❤️

Every January, we run through an audit of every website on our Web Management Plan. This includes reviewing:

✨ The design

✨ The technical side


& more

Lots of you requested copies this year. Did you find them useful?

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