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Technical Bits

This form will run through all the technical information we need for your website. This includes finding out whether you have a domain name, professional email addresses, or whether we can help you set these up.

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Domain name

A domain name is your web address.  For example, ours is 


Every website needs a domain name. You may already have one registered, or you may want us to buy one for you.


For more info, see this page:

Do you already have a domain name registered that you would like to use for your new website?

This may be with a company like GoDaddy, 123-reg, or IONOS. It may be managed by you or one your staff, or you may have an IT or third party company managing it for you. 

If yes....

If no....

Thankyou! Now please move on to Section 2.

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Email Addresses

Quick section

A professional email address is a mailbox connected to your domain name and would look something like this: You could have your name, or accounts@, or sales@, or anything you like.

For more info, see this page: 

Do you already have professional email address(es)?

If yes....

Who is your current email provider?

This information is so we don't disrupt your email service when we connect your website.

Thanks! That's all we need to know.

Thanks! We appreciate your time and effort.

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