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Newsletter August 2022

Hi! This is your newest newsletter from your favourite web team.

Hello everyone! Here is another exciting and helpful newsletter from us, Kat & Shaun at Online Designs. You'll find this newsletter stuffed full of website tips & ideas, plus all of our exciting news from Online Designs HQ.

To anyone receiving this for the first time, welcome! To everyone else, sorry, it's us again...

Scroll down for:

1. Our new Help Hub

2. Weekly Summary Updates

3. Personal news & updates from us

4. Helpful tips: Keep your passwords to hand & safe!

5. Is your website 3 years old? Time for a re-design.



The biggest request our lovely clients have made over the years is more help learning how to make the most of their website, get more traffic to it, or improve it.

So, in response, we've created this brand new help hub that is stuffed with articles to help you. From technical walkthroughs like setting up your new custom email address, to general advice on blogging, SEO, and explaining what things mean, we've put hours into writing helpful stuff.


We're still here....

We've written these articles to save you time and make you feel more involved in your website. But we're still available on email if you prefer. Just email - a quick response email address exclusively for clients.


✨ *NEW* Weekly Summary Updates ✨

For all of you with active design & build projects underway, you will now be receiving a weekly update on a Monday of where you stand with your project. Some clients have told us they get confused with what is expected and when. Well, this should solve it!


Something extra...

On top of your Web Management plan, we are offering a selection of bolt-ons, from Google my Business posts, to analytics reports and social media re-brands. See this page for details:


Exciting news from us...

Thankyou to everyone who was patient with us while we were in the USA 🇺🇸

We really appreciated the kindness you all showed us while our response times were occasionally slightly slower throughout May & June. We had an absolutely amazing time driving around the USA, which totalled 5,500 miles, 16 states, and so many amazing people met! Life goal ✅

Us up the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. An absolutely amazing hike!


Helpful tips: Keep your passwords to hand & safe! 🔒

Here's a common theme: ✔️ You ask us to complete a service (website, social media, etc) ✔️ We agree, and try to sign in to your services. ❌ You don't know your password. Let's break the cycle!


Is your website 3 years old? Time for a re-design. 🖌

After a time (usually around 3 years) your website design may need a bit of a refresh. If this is you, feel free to get in touch and let's chat about how we can spruce it up to look brand new in just a few steps. To get started with no obligation, just reply to this email!


That's it for now!

As always, pop us an email if you want to chat. We love hearing from you all. Bye for now!

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