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Newsletter November 2022

Hi! This is your newest newsletter from your favourite web team.

Hello everyone! Here is another exciting and helpful newsletter from us, Kat & Shaun at Online Designs. You'll find this newsletter stuffed full of website tips & ideas, plus all of our exciting news from Online Designs HQ. To anyone receiving this for the first time, welcome! To everyone else, sorry, it's us again...


Limited time offer: We will install a news feed on your website for FREE! ✨

We're not massive Black Friday people but this is pretty good!

Having a news feed on your website (also known as a blog) is the best way to improve your SEO and climb Google.

If you had your website designed in the last year, chances are we already pressured you into having a news feed/blog. If not, until Christmas we are offering to install one and train you how to write posts for FREE, if you're on our web management plan (which to receive this email, you are!). Usually it would take 1 hour of our time so is a massive discount of £40.

Writing posts is much like a Word document, and you would have access to do it yourself. It's easy and quick and is AMAZING for your website and clients.

Here are some ideas of what you could write:

A monthly newsletter

Company updates & achievements

Industry insights/thoughts

New services or products

Personal news from your team

Reviews & testimonials

To go ahead and get your news feed started, just reply to this email and let us know!


Do you have any idea how your website is performing? 🤔 Add on monthly analytics report for only £5 a month.

So we're looking after your website. It's live, it's working, and you're getting customers from it. But how well is it working? How many people are seeing it every week, month, year? Where are they coming from? Is your social media working?

Add on a monthly analytics report for £5 a month, which includes an explanation and our thoughts on the numbers and how you could improve.

Just email us to add this onto your plan.


Has your website been the same for a while now?

If your website is more than 2 years old, it's time for a refresh. Trends change all the time. Let us know if you're ready for a shake up.


Personal news from us...

We've welcomed some lovely local names on board this year. Among these are: - St Neots Cleaning Company, St Neots - Glo Cosmetic Aesthetics, St Neots - HIP Flooring, St Neots & more As one of our valued clients, you're in good company 😊


Helpful tips: Ways to climb Google👍

1. We design you a website 2. You love the website 3. You're not sure how to improve your website's search ranking Understanding SEO is a big part of being the proud owner of a shiny new website. Imagine getting someone to kit out your brand new shop and then expecting people to just walk in. But there's a catch... your shop is down an alleyway off the main road, and people don't know it's there. Putting effort into SEO is like putting a big sign up with an arrow pointing to your shop. Not putting the work in is like expecting people to happen to walk down the alley. It will happen, but rarely, and you won't get a return on the amount you spent to open your shop. Here's a quick few ideas to get Google to start ranking you higher: Get a blog installed and use it Be good at social media, post regularly Get on other review/listing sites (Yell, TrustPilot, etc) Send us new content for your website regularly Email us for more help! We're here for you.


January Audits are coming!! 😲❤️

Nearly that time again!! Every January, we run through an audit of every website on our Web Management Plan. This includes reviewing: The design The technical side SEO & more We offer the chance to put the audit into a user-friendly and pretty PDF document and send it to you, all free included in your plan, so you know how well your website is working. We'll be sending an email out in early January asking if you want a copy of the report, but feel free to let us know ASAP to get priority on the list.


That's it for now!

As always, pop us an email if you want to chat. We love hearing from you all. Bye for now!

And hello from our cat Heidi

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