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Notice: Please remember your website changes are addressed twice a week.

4th October 2023

On our Web Management Plan you are encouraged to regularly send us new content for your website.

We have always been fast to complete these changes - very often instantly - which is weeks faster than other local web designers.

However so that we can keep our prices low to continue appealing to our clients who are all small businesses, we now have to plan our time in advance. Don't forget there are only two of us, which is part of our appeal and probably why you liked us in the first place!

Now all of your change requests are to added a list that we address twice a week.

This means no matter when you send us the changes, you can still expect to see the results within a couple of working days.

The exception to this is currently clients on the Plus+ plan, who benefit from an 'ASAP' priority service. The Plus+ plan is no longer available to sign on to, but anyone on this plan will still receive the benefits until their renewal. There will be a news release about this at a future date.

This is still faster than every other small web design company we have studied, and we hope you're all still happy with our exceptional level of service for such an affordable cost. Please check your Web Management Plan contract for more information.

Thankyou for understanding! :)

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