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Spring website checks on their way 🌷🌸

This seems funny because the last newsletter I sent was Christmas, and suddenly I'm talking about Spring.


Much like Spring cleaning your house (although does anyone actually do that?) every Spring (ish) I run through your website and take a good look at things.


You will then get an email with some thoughts and tips.


This will include:

🌸 Whether your design is up to date or needs attention

🌸 Checking your SEO is okay and that your website is connected to Google

🌸 Whether you've sent me enough new content recently (if not, please do!)

🌸 And some other ideas & thoughts of what we can do to improve your website.


If you're one of the lucky ones who has already received your Spring check, congrats, you're special!! (Joking, I'm just working through them roughly in order of your renewal dates).

You'll receive your Spring website check soon.

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