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Writing & Sending your website text content

Please send us all the text for your website. We need this to make a start.

You can download our free Word/Pages template, fill it in and email it back, or just create your own document.

Whatever is easier for you.


Please try and send this within 3 weeks of the project starting.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING before writing/sending your content


Do NOT copy text from another website or from Google.


Not even from Wikipedia. You need to write it from scratch yourself or you risk breaching copyright rules which can carry serious fines. You can get inspiration from other websites/businesses but make sure the wording and phrasing is original. If you need help learning about copyright and what is your responsibility, see this page.

I have no way of checking what you have sent me is copyright free, so I will go ahead and use it on your website and assume you have written it from scratch. If we ever get any copyright claims, these will be your responsibility to sort out. (This has only happened once in the last 10 years).


I will not spell-check, proof-read or re-write your content.


It is your responsibility to send me content that you think is correct. You will get a chance to amend it once you've seen it on the live website or at any time in the future, so no pressure. The exception to this is if you have additional needs that mean you can't proof-read your own content. If this is the case let me know and I can help you.

Need help? Download our free content template

This template is generic but may help prompt you what to write. You can download it, fill it in, and email it back.

Word doc for Windows users

Pages doc for Apple users

If you're putting together your own content document, here's what to include:
1) Your contact details

Any contact or company details that you want to be visible to customers.


For example:

- Your phone number

- Your email address

- Your physical address

- Social media links 

If you're a limited company, we'll need your Company Number and registered address. It is a legal requirement to display this information on your website. 

If you're a charity, we need your Charity number.

2) Your service areas

The AREAS you service, if you're a local business.


For example:

"I work in St Neots and wider Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex" or "We operate nationwide."

3) Services list

A list of services you provide.

For example, a plumber may list: "Boiler installation, boiler repair, leak detection"

A builder may list: Extensions, Garage Conversions, General Building.

Each of these should have a description.

4) Overview Sales text

Your main sales text.


This is the main paragraph that will be on the home page and is the first thing customers will read.


For example, a pet portrait artist might put:

"Hello and welcome to my website. I am an award winning, professional artist, based in a village in Cambridgeshire, the UK, and specialising in bespoke pet portraits for customers all over the UK and the world."

Make sure it explains your services quickly, clearly, and attractively.

5) Other important text

This will be different for every customer so it's hard to give examples. We just need any other sales text that will explain your services. This would also go on the homepage.

For example, the same pet portrait artist may write:

"I work in fine art colour pencils and pastels, which allow me to produce fine detail. I love  and strive to capture the character and spirit of your beloved pet, as well as their natural physical beauty, in every portrait I create. To create my portraits I use professional artist quality lightfast coloured pencils and pastels on acid free paper of archival quality."

6) Awards & Accreditations

Tell us if you're a member of any groups or have achieved any awards that should go on the website.


For example, food hygiene, Gas Safe, or anything that is appropriate to your industry.

You will also need to send us the images or badges that go along with these.

7) Reviews

Copy and paste some of your favourite customer reviews (if you have any yet) so we can include them on the website.

8) About you

Text for your About page.

This could include how long you've been established, who is behind the business, why you started it, etc. Make it as personal as possible. This may include individual descriptions of your team members.

For example, our About text is:  "We are Kat & Shaun. Shaun has extensive technical knowledge and started Online Designs in 2012, straight out of college alongside his computer repairs business. Kat has worked in web design and marketing since she was 18, and in 2019 she joined up with Shaun so they could offer a more comprehensive service together."

When you're ready, please email your content to Thankyou!!!

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