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Notice: Plus+ plan being retired

We currently have three Web Management plans. This is decreasing to two.

Overview of current plans:

Web Management (£20/month): Hosting, maintenance, changes.

Web Management Pro (£30/month): all the above, plus Google Business posts a monthly analytics report.

Web Management Plus+ (£50/month): all the above, plus priority support, phone calls, and quarterly review.

What is changing?

We are retiring the Web Management Plus+ plan. This is mainly due to the very high amount of time needed to run the quarterly reviews and answer your phone calls at the level we think you deserve for the cost.

Our aim is to offer a premium service to every client on our Web Management plans, and we feel that the larger businesses who can pay for priority support having a faster service isn't fair on the clients on the lower plans.

From now on, any requested web changes will be addressed twice a week for both plans with no priority system to maintain fairness.

The standard Web Management and the Web Management Pro plans aren't changing.

Our priority continues to be small local businesses who want a great service at a modest cost.

What happens if I'm on the Plus+ plan?

Currently, your benefits will continue until your renewal date. At that time, you will be offered a choice of the existing two plans.

Later on we may or may not decide to downgrade any other existing Plus+ plans early.

See the Plans page for more info on the existing options:

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