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Speeding up your website / Slow loading time

Are you experiencing a slow loading time? Here are some tips to speed up your website.

1. Use compressed images.

If you're sending us images or adding them yourselves while blogging, make sure they're high-res enough to look great, but ideally they should be 4MB or less.

2. Don't ask us to upload massive files like big PDFs.

Having big PDFs, videos, music and more for the customer to see or download is great, but your website is having to load all of that. Try to avoid big files, for example PDFs over 10MB.

3. Make sure your own internet connection is good and you're on modern equipment.

Sounds simple, but easy to forget. A website will only load as fast as your own wifi or device! Get a friend to check the website, or check on another connection and device to get a better overview of the actual loading times. If you're working on a computer that is over 3 years old, the slow loading times might be down to old equipment.

4. Consider how to make your website smaller.

If your website is running slowly, it's time to see what you could remove. You ideally want as few pages as possible. Bigger websites = longer loading time. However for SEO benefits it's the more pages the better, so find a balance!

TIP: Don't forget that all websites are at the mercy of the platform they're built on. You can take steps to help speed it up but ultimately it's down to the platform to load your website.

If you're experiencing a slow loading time, get in touch and we'll look into it.

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