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Notice: Price increase on Web Management Plans for 2024

The price of both our Web Management Plan and Web Management Plan Pro are increasing for 2024.

This will affect your next renewal after 1st January 2024.


We all hate price rises, and that's why we haven't raised our prices in 3 years, which is as long as our Web Management plans have existed.

Our overheads have risen in this time but until now we've taken a drop in profit margin rather than raise our prices.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, our hosting suppliers have significantly raised their prices for 2024 meaning we are now barely breaking even charging our clients £20 a month (or £30 for the Pro Plan).

Add on all the hard work we do on top of this (maintenance, checks, web changes on demand which can add up to hours a year) and we would now be working at a loss if we kept our prices the same.

What are the new prices?

Web Management Plan.

Current price: £20/month

New price: £22/month

Web Management Plan Pro.

Current price: £30/month

New price: £33/month

We hope you consider a rise of only 10% a month reasonable. This still keeps our services at a very competitive and low cost for the services you receive and is still below market value.

For just £22 a month you have a full-time web team and a fully managed professional website.

Please note that additional services such as online shops, domain names, mailboxes and extra apps incur additional fees.

Other Services

Email hosting and all of our other services are not increasing in cost.

What next?

As usual, you will receive an email when you have 1 month until your renewal date which will re-confirm the new prices.

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